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HUM 1125 Introduction to the Humanities

Explores the nature and content of the humanities by examining and analyzing various cultures from the past. In addition, this course provides an introduction to human thought, creativity and human forms of expression by examining the links between historical realities and human culture.
3 Credit Hours

HUM 1130 Humanity & the Challenge of Technology

This course examines the role of technology in the modern society. It explores the opportunities and dangers faced by humankind in the evolution of new technologies. It inquires into such questions as whether the human quest for mastery of nature has made us masters or slaves of the machine.
3 Credit Hours

HUM 1131 The Search for Utopia

The Search for Utopia is a survey of humanity's search for the ideal society from ancient times to the modern age. It examines various utopian ideas and practices that have changed world communities and compares Western utopian traditions with Eastern perceptions of the perfect society.
3 Credit Hours

HUM 1132 Holocaust & Genocide

Explores the concept of genocide primarily through the prism of the 20th Century Holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany. The course addresses the background, progress and historical context of the Nazi holocaust, as well as other genocides, and the philosophy and psychology of "racial purity."
3 Credit Hours

HUM 1135 Environmental Ethics

Overview of philosophical and ethical dimensions of the environmental crisis, such as environmental politics, animal rights and nonwestern views.
3 Credit Hours

HUM 1140 Appalachian Folkways

Overview of the facets of folkways and folklore in the Appalachian region of the United States, including folk customs, language, material culture, performing folk arts and literary themes of selected contemporary writers.
3 Credit Hours

HUM 1141 Appalachian History & Culture

An examination of various facets of life in Appalachia, including history, culture, economics, politics, education and religion.
3 Credit Hours

HUM 1142 Native American History

Survey of the political, social, economic, and cultural development of Native Americans, from prehistoric times to the present, with specific emphasis on Native Americans of Ohio and the Appalachian region.
3 Credit Hours

HUM 1195 Leadership Development

An exploration and study of the concept of leadership in the context of community and global issues. Includes Service Learning and applying leadership skills in the community.
3 Credit Hours

HUM 2236 International Studies

Under the supervision of Sinclair faculty, students visit another country and work on study and/or service learning activities related to specific academic majors or topics.
1 - 3 Credit Hours

HUM 2297 Special Topics

Varied content offering of special interest to the discipline but not covered within existing courses; may be scheduled in a classroom/seminar setting or in nontraditional format.
0.5 - 9 Credit Hours