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Basic Quality IBQ.S.STC

Short-term Technical Certificate - 18 Credit Hours

Division: Science, Mathematics and Engineering
Department: Industrial Engineering Tech
Effective as of Fall 2020

What is the program about?

This certificate provides the student with the basics of drafting and blueprint reading while developing AutoCAD techniques, and learning software applications that will be used throughout a career in quality. Covering various measurement techniques involving shop measuring instruments; correct use and care. Students learn the application of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) principles along with the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) which also gives the student an Industry Recognized credential from Hexagon Intelligence for PC-DMIS for CMM 111 software. Basic Quality will prepare the student and give them the skills to improve customer relations, measure products, and processes, analyze current process control and capability and define and audit the quality management system. This certificate meets the needs of a student looking to enter many areas where the needs of basic quality knowledge are required to obtain an entry-level position.

Program Outcomes

  • Design, implement and verify the effectiveness of a quality system.
  • Plan, control and assure product and process quality.
  • Apply statistical process control techniques and capability analysis to determine the state of statistical control and performance to process requirements.

Career Opportunities

This certificate is a great opportunity for entry level employment in the quality control field or as an addition to other fields that will boost career opportunities by the addition of quality techniques. In addition the student will earn an Industry Recognized Certificate in OPT 1113 Coordinate Measurement from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence for "PC-DMIS for CMM 111".


None known at this time.


Course Title Credits
CAM 1107 Introduction to Mechanical Drafting with AutoCAD 3
MAT 1110 Math for Technologists 3
MET 1131 Personal Computer Applications for Engineering Technology 1
OPT 1100 Tooling & Machining Metrology 2
OPT 1101 Introduction to Industrial Engineering Technology 3
OPT 1112 World Class Quality Systems & Procedures 3
OPT 1113 Coordinate Measurement 3
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Program Accreditation Information

OPT 1113 offers an IRC PC-DMIS for CMM 111, a certificate from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

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