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East Asian Studies EAS.S.STC

Short-term Technical Certificate - 17 Credit Hours

Division: Liberal Arts, Communication and Social Sciences
Department: History
Effective as of Fall 2021

What is the program about?

This short-term East Asian Studies Certificate is an interdisciplinary program consisting of five courses on East Asian history, language, culture, and business in the global context. The program is designed to provide students with in-depth study and training in the listed areas to complement their major field of study. The program prepares students for multiple academic and career paths with useful skills and worldly perspectives.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate specific historical knowledge of East Asia and broader intercultural perspectives and mindfulness toward global issues and communities.
  • Obtain knowledge and skills in international business, including East Asian business philosophy and practices in the international market.
  • Read, write, speak, and listening comprehend Chinese or Japanese at the introductory level with the foundation to integrate the language learning into scholarly or business applications.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the East Asian Studies certificate program, students will gain proficiency in East Asian history and Chinese or Japanese language with intercultural and international business skills. Students will be able to pursue careers in the following capacities: employment in multicultural and international corporations, work at a local company related to East Asia like Fuyao Inc. or Honda Inc., be part of the foreign services, military service, judicial system, or in language translation, work as a consultant in fields like international politics, financial advisor for Asian markets, international marketing specialist, teaching at schools or universities or become a politician or a community leader.


All component classes are either OTM or TAG compliant.


Course Title Credits
COM 2245 Intercultural Communication 3
HIS 2217 Survey of East Asian History 3
MAN 1110 International Business 3
CHN 1101 (Elementary Chinese I) AND CHN 1102 (Elementary Chinese II) OR JPN 1101 (Elementary Japanese I) AND JPN 1102 (Elementary Japanese II) 8
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Program Accreditation Information


This information is for planning purposes only. Sinclair College will make every effort to offer curriculum listed above but reserves the right to change, add and cancel curriculum offerings for unforeseen circumstances.