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Dining Assistant DAST.S.STC

Short-term Technical Certificate - 1 Credit Hours

Division: Health Sciences
Department: Nutrition and Dietetics
Effective as of Fall 2019

What is the program about?

The Dining Assistant Program is a State of Ohio approved training course which provides practical skill development in feeding techniques and working with populations with self-feeding difficulties with a focus on the elderly. The program is designed to ensure that Dining Assistants have a basic understanding of the nutritional needs of long term care residents, communications and interactions involving the residents and staff, as well as behavior challenges and safety procedures involving residents.

Program Outcomes

  • Identify legal rights of the resident contained in the Ohio Bill of Rights (ORBR) Identify those residents in need of feeding assistance, coordinating with nursing. Explain the purpose for preparing the resident for a meal. Describe at least 5 techniques for feeding low-risk residents. List at least 3 interventions for specific feeding problems. Explain difficult behaviors that may occur while assisting a resident at mealtime. Explain how and when to use the Difficult Behavior Report Form.
  • Identify the basic principle of infection control. Identify ways pathogenic microorganisms are spread. Explain the importance of food safety for older adults. Demonstrate the importance of proper procedure for hand washing. Identify proper methods for handling of utensils and serving food properly. Identify safety precautions in LTCF’s which prevent residents from falling, being burned and from choking. Identify emergency situations and respond appropriately. Demonstrate the steps of the Abdominal Thrust procedure (Heimlich Maneuver).
  • Describe the Choose My Plate model. Explain the importance of fluid intake for older adults. Identify hydration therapy techniques. List ways to add extra calories and protein to the diet. Verbalize the definition of dysphagia. Describe how food/liquid texture affects swallowing. Perform the chin tuck, swallow, jaw control and double swallow correctly.
  • Define communication and describe the impact of positive and negative communication on residents’ nutritional status. Identify the benefits of personal communication attention to the resident. Demonstrate appropriate conversation topics while assisting residents at mealtimes. Describe appropriate communication techniques for vision, hearing, speech, and/or physically impaired.

Career Opportunities

Students successfully completing the Dining Assistant short term certificate program will be eligible to apply for feeding assistant positions within the nutrition departments of long term care facilities in the state of Ohio.


Certification as a dining assistant will be provided from the State of Ohio Department of Health upon successful program completion.


Course Title Credits
DIT 2101 Eating Matters for Dining Assistants 1
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Program Accreditation Information

The successful completion of the Dining Assistant short term certificate program will result in the issuing of a "Dining Assistant" certificate from the Ohio Department of Health, permitting the graduating student to be a feeding assistant in Ohio long term care facilities.

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