Construction Technician CNTC.S.STC

Short-term Technical Certificate - 24 Credit Hours

Division: Science, Mathematics and Engineering
Department: Construction Management Technology
Effective as of Fall 2012

What is the program about?

The purpose of this certificate is to develop knowledgeable construction workers with basic skills in construction. With a combination of classroom education, practical lab exercises and co-op internships, students will exit this certificate program with a solid introduction into carpentry, concrete finishing and residential electrical systems.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate use of various construction materials and placement methods.
  • Communicate effectively and professionally through proper use of oral, written and graphic skills.
  • Identify and define basic construction terms.

Career Opportunities

Entry-level construction workers are in continuous demand for residential and commercial construction.

Additional Information

Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program: View the Gainful Employment Information


Course Title Credits
CAT 1701 Construction Craft Skills/Concrete 6
CAT 1721 Structural Framing Systems 6
CAT 1741 Residential Electrical Systems 3
CAT 1761 Interior & Exterior Finishes 3
CAT 1781 Construction Project 4
CAT 2700 Civil Architectural Technology Internship 2
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