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Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant (CDCA) Preliminary CDCA.S.STC

Short-term Technical Certificate - 3 Credit Hours

Division: Health Sciences
Department: Mental Health and Addiction Services
Effective as of Fall 2020

What is the program about?

This one course certificate meets the educational requirements for the CDCA: Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant Preliminary. Within this course, the following topics will be discussed: theories and fundamentals of addictive illness and physical/mental effects of psychoactive drugs; dynamics of substance related and addictive disorders on persons, families and society; knowledge of disease concept, stigmas, identification, assessment, trends in treatment and relapse process. Students will also develop insights, challenge biases and identify personal and professional issues and will learn elements of professional/ethical behaviors.

Program Outcomes

  • Develop, identify, and describe one's personal attitudes, beliefs, and obstacles toward treating persons with substance use and addictive disorders.
  • Identify the classifications of drugs of abuse (from the current DSM) and their harmful effects.
  • Identify the ethical and professional behaviors expected in the field of substance use and addictive disorders.
  • Define and describe the basic components of prevention, assessment, intervention, diagnosis, treatment, and level of care placements with persons with substance use and addictive disorders.
  • Understand the etiology and theories of substance use and addictive disorders.

Career Opportunities

According to the Department of Labor, all human service areas are going to be growing; currently the seventh fastest growing profession in the occupational outlook data. Chemical dependency counseling provides viable employment options for many returning citizens, people in recovery and people wanting to make a difference in the chemical dependency field.


40 hours of chemical dependency education is required to apply for the CDCA: Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant Preliminary Students will complete 40 chemical dependency specific education in the following areas: Theories of Addiction (5) Counseling procedures & strategies with addicted populations (14) Group process & techniques working with addicted populations (5) Assessment & diagnosis of addiction (3) Treatment planning (7) Legal & ethical issues pertaining to chemical dependency (6)


Course Title Credits
MHT 1130 Fundamentals of Addiction Counseling CDCA Preliminary 3
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