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Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Academy BAS.S.STC

Short-term Technical Certificate - 26 Credit Hours

Division: Business and Public Services
Department: Criminal Justice Science
Effective as of Fall 2019

What is the program about?

This program of study will provide you with the complete Ohio Peace Officer basic officer training required by the State of Ohio for new Ohio law enforcement officers. Taught by state-certified commanders and instructors, the basic academy adheres to the required content, instructional and training standards necessary for individuals to become certified peace officers in the State of Ohio. The basic academy consists of over 600 hours of instruction delivered in 18 weeks of training. The curriculum is intensive and participants must devote significant time and effort to complete the program. Academic, physical fitness, firearms and other demanding skill sets are included in the program. At the conclusion of the training, students are required to take a 200-question written final exam administered by the Attorney General's Office to receive a certificate of completion. Graduates of this program typically seek employment as police officers, sheriff's deputies, park rangers or other positions in Ohio which require a law enforcement commission. The Sinclair Academy has placed hundreds of graduates in more than 300 law enforcement agencies in Ohio. Entrance into Sinclair's Criminal Justice Training Academy is a competitive process and not all applicants are accepted. The academy is offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Program Outcomes

  • Explore the development of law and explain the application of constitutional and case law by law enforcement in the criminal justice process.
  • Assess the codes of ethics for law enforcement and demonstrate the characteristics of law enforcement professionalism.
  • Examine the past and present structure of the federal, state, and local jurisdictions and the criminal justice components and the influence on law enforcement and society.
  • Demonstrate the entry-level skills of administering, leading and supervising for the three criminal justice components and explain how law enforcement in collaboration with courts and corrections provide criminal justice services.

Career Opportunities

There are openings in local and state law enforcement agencies as well as private investigation and personal protection agencies.


  • Physical fitness assessment, fingerprint check, oral interview and college level ready for English.


Graduates of this program shall receive certificates of completion from the Ohio Attorney General's office indicating they have completed basic training and are certified to become commissioned law enforcement officers for Ohio agencies.


Course Title Credits
CJS 2280 Basic Peace Officer Training I 14
CJS 2281 Basic Peace Officer Training II 12
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