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Activity Programming ACP.S.STC

Short-term Technical Certificate - 12 Credit Hours

Division: Health Sciences
Department: Mental Health and Addiction Services
Effective as of Fall 2014

What is the program about?

Provides basic skills and knowledge for activity programming professionals who work in services for the aging population including long-term care facilities. Certificate meets the Ohio Board of Health requirement for education as activity program professional. A Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals (MEPAP) certificate of completion is awarded to the short-term certificate completers.

Program Outcomes

  • Conduct assessment for individuals residing in long-term care facilities to determine activities that would benefit their health.
  • Prepare activity planning for long-term care facilities.
  • Describe and apply the functions of planning, organizing, leading, staffing, and controlling to lead to better staffing and retention.
  • Describe the characteristics of the role of the leader of an activity department, including ethical expectation and tasks of the leader.
  • Describe and apply various documentation requirements for long-term care facilities.
  • Describe and apply various activity treatment modalities at practicum site.

Career Opportunities

Facilities that serve the aging populations hire persons with Activity Director Certification, and Activity Professionals are preferred when promotions or special projects become available.


The NCCAP certificate is awarded to the short term certificate completers.

Additional Information

  • Courses may be taken in any order
  • Online and independent study options


Course Title Credits
MHT 1155 Administration of Activity Programming I 4
MHT 1256 Administration of Activity Programming II 4
MHT 1257 Administration of Activity Programming III 4
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