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TechSolve and Sinclair College Partner to Upgrade Employees’ Skills for Ohio Manufacturers

TechSolve has received a grant from the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) in support of the State's Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership program (Ohio MEP) to provide discounted incumbent worker training opportunities to Southwest Ohio regional manufacturers. The purpose of the program is to expand the skill set of current employees of area manufacturers. This upgrade in skills will allow employees to add more value and improve the organizations for which they work.

Because of its variety of dedicated and public training courses available to meet the needs of regional manufacturers, TechSolve has partnered with Sinclair College to help facilitate the program. "We are thrilled to have Sinclair as a partner" exclaims Gary Conley, president of TechSolve, "They are one of the region's leaders in employee training in the area of advanced manufacturing. Their programs have been developed in conjunction with industry professionals and have industry-recognized credentials."

A sample of the types of training Sinclair provides include Machine Maintenance Classes, Supervisor Training and Skill-Specific Training. Sinclair will even create customized training programs for organizations. Manufacturers simply need to select the training program that works best for their needs and a 1/3 of the cost of the training will be discounted. This is a great opportunity for area manufacturers to increase their employees' skills at a discounted rate.

"Our collaboration with TechSolve is an important element of Sinclair's regional strategy to attract and train top technical talent for the manufacturing jobs of the future," said Deb Norris, Vice President for Sinclair Workforce Development. "Through these types of partnerships, we're able to develop relevant workforce training that meets the needs of our region's industry leaders by closing the skills gap and filling well-paying jobs."

Founded in 1982, Cincinnati-based TechSolve is a team of business experts and engineers who implement Lean, productivity improvement and other cost reduction projects at both the enterprise and supply chain levels.  Additionally, they support new product development and growth planning; and help program and product managers reduce the cost of metallic engineered parts along with developing advanced manufacturing tools and technologies. More information can be accessed at

Sinclair's manufacturing training programs are developed in conjunction with industry professionals and are constantly updated, with programs that range from half-day workshops to long-term classes that lead to industry-recognized credentials, certifications and apprenticeships. Customized training services can be delivered on site or in one of our state-of-the-art facilities, providing a seamless transition from the classroom to the job.