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Sinclair To Receive $2.25M Dept. of Education Grant

Project Seeks to Strengthen Academic Advising and Build Career Communities

September 20, 2013 (Dayton, OH) - Sinclair College received word today from the U. S. Department of Education that the college will receive a highly competitive approximately $2.25 million Title III grant that will focus on strengthening academic advising functions and forming "career communities". The new Title III grant is targeted toward students who are seeking credentials and are attempting college for the first time, a population Sinclair estimates at about 15,000 over the next five years. The goal of this project is to dramatically increase student completion over five years to some of the highest levels in the nation for community colleges.

"The process of getting students through college and into viable careers is part of what Sinclair has always been about," Sinclair President Steve Johnson said. "We truly appreciate this investment and I'm very confident that we can use these resources to make a positive difference to help students obtain the knowledge and education they need to make the best choices possible for their future."

Sinclair is one of the most prolific grant awardees in the nation among community colleges: $51.5 million has been awarded to the college in the last five years. Furthermore, this grant complements the outstanding and industry leading work done in the Bill & Melinda Foundation supported Completion by Design initiative and the recently announced City Connects project.

The grant project will deliver student support services and curriculum in small communities tailored to students' career interests. The project will also utilize new information technology, student support services, and academic advising techniques in a case management model.

Sinclair is recognized as a local and national leader in delivering high-quality and affordable higher education. One of the oldest and best known community colleges in the nation, Sinclair recently celebrated its 126th year and is a board member of the prestigious League for Innovation in the Community College. Sinclair offers over 170 accredited degrees and certificates and has graduated more degree and certificate holders than any other community college in the State of Ohio over the last five years.

Adam Murka