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Sinclair College

Sinclair Opens World’s First Dedicated UAS Indoor Flying Pavilion

Sinclair College, home to the National UAS Training and Certification Center, is now home to the world's first permanent, custom-built unmanned aerial systems (UAS) indoor flying facility following a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, Dec. 17, coinciding with the 112th anniversary of the Wright Brother's first powered flight.

The UAS Indoor Flying Pavilion is the first facility in the world to be constructed and dedicated solely for UAS testing and flight operations. Covering 3,200 sq.ft. and featuring an interior ceiling height of 40 ft., the Pavilion includes a mezzanine flying deck to facilitate testing and instruction, and was constructed to allow GPS signal transmissions to support aircraft navigation.

"The new UAS Indoor Flying Pavilion marks another milestone in aviation and another important step for Sinclair in bringing the most advanced UAS capabilities to the Dayton region," said Dr. Steve Johnson, President and CEO of Sinclair College. "Through the remarkable partnerships we've established, Sinclair is leading the way in what's being called by industry leaders as the greatest aviation breakthrough since the first manned flight."

As part of the National UAS Training and Certification Center, the new Pavilion provides space to test out vehicles, sensors and components in a controlled environment, further expanding research and development capabilities. Paired with the Center's advanced manufacturing and rapid prototyping capabilities, sensor lab, and wind tunnel, the Pavilion will give students the opportunity to take a UAS project from the design phase through production and into flight tests in one location.Further features of the Pavilion include:

  • Fiber-optic network connection to the UAS simulation lab
  • Customizable space supporting sense and avoid and other airspace integration challenges
  • Controlled environment for high-risk and destructive testing
  • Support for simulated cybersecurity attacks and mitigation strategies

Sinclair College is recognized as a national leader in UAS, supported by world-class partnerships, cutting-edge technology, and custom training programs designed to drive the expansion of the UAS industry. Sinclair's curriculum focuses on real-world applications of emerging UAS and sensor technologies through classroom and online instruction, simulation and hands-on vehicle operations.