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Sinclair Foundation Honors Local Veteran with Establishment of New Scholarship

The Sinclair Community College Foundation is proud to partner with the Diaz family of Dayton in establishing the Senior Master Sergeant Tony Diaz Veterans Education Scholarship.  This scholarship will support Sinclair Community College students, with a preference to students who are veterans.

Upon graduation from high school, Tony Diaz became a U.S. Air Force enlistee. Unfortunately, his childhood made him skilled in many labor areas, but his ability to read and comprehend was barely at a third grade level. Through his Air Force career and many assignments, the Air Force identified his inability to read and comprehend and started him in a yearlong, after duty hours program that allowed him to learn and successfully achieve college level reading and comprehension. The result was constant reading and high grades in college level courses until at the age of 50 when he received his Bachelor of Business degree and later an MBA.

“I am incredibly proud of my service to my country and the educational opportunities it provided that positively impacted my life,” said Tony Diaz.  “It is an honor for me and my family to assist other veterans and students with realizing their dreams of advancing their education.”

The Senior Master Sergeant Tony Diaz Veterans Education Scholarship will be awarded annually and may be used for tuition, fees, books, and expenses required to complete a certificate or degree.

“The Sinclair Foundation is honored to support the Diaz family in their gracious efforts to provide this scholarship to veterans and students,” added Zachary J. Beck, Chief Development Officer – 
Sinclair Foundation.  “It is especially fitting to announce this scholarship opportunity on Veterans Day as we remember and honor the men and women who fought for our freedoms.”

The Sinclair Foundation's mission is to keep higher education accessible through student scholarships and to help Sinclair remain among the nation's leading community colleges.  To learn more about this scholarship and many others, contact the Sinclair Foundation at 937-512-2510 or visit the website at