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Sinclair College Hosts Education and Business Leaders to Strengthen Efforts of Empowering Students for Success

Sinclair Community College proudly hosted the SuccessBound 2024 Conference on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, focusing on the theme "Promising Practices: Empowering K-12 Students for College and Career Success." This one-day event brought together educators, business leaders, and community stakeholders to share innovative strategies and best practices for preparing students for the future.

Over 150 education and business representatives actively engaged in various breakout sessions exploring effective strategies shared by practitioners.  These sessions highlighted classroom and career resources tailored for K-12 and career-technical students.  Participants explored resources designed to enhance work-based learning opportunities, assist students in making career connections, unlock the potential of STEM education, demonstrate the strength of industry-recognized credentials and the power of utilizing tools like YouScience, among many other promising practices.

"The SuccessBound Conference offers a valuable platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing as we work together to equip students with the skills and resources they need to succeed," said Pam Hunt, Ohio College Tech Prep Chief Administrator - West Region. "By fostering strong partnerships between education and business, we can build a robust talent pipeline and contribute to the economic vitality of our region."

The conference featured keynote speaker, Stephen D. Dackin, Director of the Ohio Department of Education & Workforce, who shared insights and perspectives on Ohio’s Workforce Future. 

Sinclair hosted the SuccessBound 2024 Conference as a member of the Ohio Tech Prep West Region. For more than 30 years, Ohio College Tech Prep has been serving Ohio’s students.  Tech Prep is jointly administered by the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce and the Ohio Department of Higher Education.  The six Tech Prep Regional Centers serve as resource hubs to support 611 school districts, 91 Career Technical Planning Districts, 23 Community colleges and 14 Universities.  Tech Prep is also the direct link to create in-demand career pathways and programs of study for Ohio’s students.