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Sinclair Board Approves Levy for November Ballot

Dayton, OH (8-4-15)--Sinclair College's Board of Trustees today approved language to place a 1 mill levy on the November ballot in Montgomery County that will provide the college with the resources it needs to continue delivering world class job focused education and training program. Sinclair has produced more completers than any other community college in Ohio over the past 10 years at over 31,000 graduates and is a national leader in affordable and employer aligned training and education. Sinclair would use these funds for labs and technology to train students for jobs in advanced manufacturing, IT, and health careers and would offer millions of dollars in additional student scholarships.

"For so many companies and employers in our region trying to expand their businesses and find skilled workers, Sinclair is the answer," Sinclair Board of Trustees Chair Rob Connelly said. "Sinclair has done a remarkable job both to accomplish their important mission and realize millions of dollars in efficiencies at the same time. However, in order to produce the human talent our region must have for the economy of the future, the college will need resources for up to date programs and laboratories. This step will allow Sinclair to continue to be a world class institution while remaining the best educational value in Ohio."

Through realized efficiencies and implementing best practices, Sinclair has trimmed a cumulative $30 million from its budget over the past eight years. The levy would amount to less than $3.00 per $100,000 of property value to homeowners and these resources will be used only in Montgomery County.

"Sinclair has had a levy compact with Montgomery County for over fifty years," Sinclair President Steve Johnson said. "Sinclair is responsible for supplying outstanding education to our citizenry who in turn support a levy to keep the cost of education affordable and focused on jobs. Over time, declining property values have eroded the value of our levy by over 20%, and Sinclair has adjusted to that new reality. However, in order to continue to deliver current and job focused programming to the people and employers of the Dayton Region, we ask for this modest and reasonable support from our community. In return, we will look to freeze or even reduce our existing levy when it expires. We appreciate the relationship we have with the people of Montgomery County and are excited to take this next step in delivering outstanding quality to this community."

Sinclair will work to expand opportunities for high school students seeking college credit as well as invest in direct career pipeline and job placement. The college will also invest in new laboratory and simulation spaces that will enhance student experience and opportunities while holding down costs over time.

"I hear two constant messages from employers in this region: that they are satisfied with Sinclair graduates and that they need ever more quality employees all the time," Sinclair Trustee Ron Budzik said. "It is important that in order to meet the needs of the business community, Sinclair has resources for the programs, labs and technology thousands of residents need to train for the good jobs of the future. With the resources, we'll have those assets. Without it, we won't be able to meet the needs of our families, workforce and economy."

In processing this decision, Sinclair administrators spoke with over 200 community and internal college leaders.

"Delivering quality and career ready education to our students and to our community takes resources," Sinclair Faculty Senate President Mike Oaster says. "As a faculty member, I know firsthand the value of a Sinclair education, and I fully support this decision to further align our institution with Montgomery County."

"In the classroom we see and hear how much Sinclair means to the people in our community who have resolved to make a better life for themselves," remarked Professor Angie Arnold, Chair of the Radiologic Technology Program and Sinclair graduate. "Asking the community for continued support of this important institution is the right thing to do to ensure our citizens continue to have access to a quality education."

"Every employee at Sinclair is dedicated to our mission to help students succeed," said Staff Senate President Kenny Hedges. "This decision moves the mission forward, and we support such an important effort to enable the work of the college to continue."

Throughout the nation, Sinclair is known for its innovation and leadership.  For over 128 years, the Dayton region has benefitted from this excellence in meeting emerging community need through partnerships and strategic investments.