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Sinclair and Motoman Partner to Grow Robotics & Manufacturing Training

Dayton, OH –Sinclair College and Motoman have signed a partnership designed to leverage combined expertise in advanced manufacturing and robotics to provide new job-focused training opportunities for the region's workforce. 

Sinclair and Motoman will collaborate on the development and delivery of certification training on intelligent systems, sharing subject-matter expertise related to robotics, advanced and additive manufacturing.

"This partnership brings Sinclair together with a great Montgomery County employer to fill Montgomery County jobs," Sinclair President Steve Johnson said. "The jobs of the future increasingly demand a seamless pipeline between higher education and employers. This partnership will help deliver resources and the qualified workers necessary for the future of the Dayton Region's manufacturing economy."A cornerstone of the Dayton region's economy, advanced manufacturing yields some of the highest wages for all jobs. Partnerships like this aim to close the growing skills gap which leaves well-paying jobs unfilled due to a lack of skilled workers.

"Today, Yaskawa America, Inc., Motoman Robotics Division is formally announcing a strategic partnership with Sinclair Community College," said Steve Barhorst, President and COO of Motoman Robotics Division. "This partnership with Sinclair will leverage our combined industrial and education expertise to develop new advanced robotic manufacturing initiatives and robotics training and certification models that will address the increasing demand for talent now and into the future."

"Through our advanced manufacturing facilities and the Corporate College at Austin Landing, Sinclair continues to be a national leader in providing leading-edge training that helps businesses succeed," added Deb Norris, Vice President for Sinclair Workforce Development.

The partnership will also be beneficial to companies throughout the region, like Honda, who works closely with both Sinclair and Motoman.

"As a regional company, Honda has a partnership with each of these institutions – Motoman and Sinclair College," Honda said in a statement. "Collaborations like the one being highlighted today are an important part of an effective regional strategy to attract and train top technical talent for the manufacturing jobs of the future."

Sinclair's manufacturing programs are developed in conjunction with industry professionals and are constantly updated, with programs that range from half-day workshops to classes that lead to industry-recognized credentials, certifications and apprenticeships. Through contract training services, courses can also be delivered by Sinclair instructors on site.