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Registration Still Open for Mindful Awareness Conference June 9-13

NIMA (Neurobiological Institute for Mindful Awareness) Conference: Mindful Awareness, Social Neuroscience, and Contemplative Pedagogy Transforming the Heart of Higher Education

Space is still available for the Center for Teaching and Learning NIMA Conference June 9-13.

This will be a 5-day participatory track focused on mindfulness practice and pedagogy. Participants will, through experiential learning, engage in mindfulness practices (meditation, gentle yoga, guided visual/sensory imagery, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, contemplative calligraphy, breath work, and movement science) focusing on their relationship to social neuroscience and contemplative pedagogy.

Presentations from diverse fields of expertise will include: the role of stress physiology in mindfulness, how emotional attunement and tribal classrooms stimulate learning, and how mindfulness practice can sustain attention, open the gateway to environmental learning, and awaken social responsibility.

Click here to open the conference program including facilitator biographies.

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