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Sinclair College

New Public Health Degree Offered as Sinclair Kicks Off Fall Semester

Sinclair College began the 2018 Fall Semester Monday, August 20 with a number of new programs available to students that will lead to in-demand jobs in the Dayton Region. Sinclair is introducing a new degree in Public Health and is the first community college in Ohio to have this associate’s degree. This degree will prepare students to enter the public health workforce, or transfer on for a bachelor’s degree.

Overall fall enrollment is projected to remain roughly flat. The college is experiencing an all-time high in College Credit Plus (CCP) students (high school students taking college course). CCP is entering its fourth year and continues to see significant growth.  The annualized enrollment has surpassed 5,800 students. Last year,  a record number of 40 high school students graduated with an associate’s degree before graduating from high school.  Sinclair’s College Credit Plus program has over 135 high school partners across 19 counties in Ohio.

This term, the college has had a record number of Hispanic, Asian and Native American students enroll. The number of students enrolled that are aged nineteen and younger is at an all-time high.

Sinclair College has invested significantly in support strategies and outreach programs focused on closing the equity gap and this has helped steadily increase enrollment numbers among African American, Women and Adult students (individuals between the 25-39 age range) by nearly 11%.  The College’s Business and Public Services Division has also experienced a nearly 5% increase in student enrollment.

This semester, Sinclair is offering several new degree, one-year certificate and short-term certificate programs. In the Health Sciences field alone, a new degree program in Healthcare Simulation Technology and additional short-term certificate programs that can be completed in less than a year will be made available. These short-term programs include certificates that lead to jobs as Home Health Aides, Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistants and Patient Care Technicians.

“This has been an incredible year for Sinclair and for the students who will study this year in our college’s transferable college credit programs,” Sinclair President Steve Johnson said. “Over the 2018 academic year, a record number of high school students graduated with a Sinclair degree while still in school. Our Prison Education program also had the highest student success rates this year and will now expand to ten correctional facilities across Ohio. We have worked with businesses and community leaders and delivered many new programs of study and career pathways for students to be successful.  We are tremendously excited for this fall semester.“