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New Brain Imaging Program Offered as Sinclair’s Fall Semester Begins

Sinclair College begins its regular fall term on Monday, August 22, 2016 with numerous new programs available to students that will lead to filling in-demand jobs in the Dayton Region. Overall fall enrollment is projected to match last fall, with many more students enrolling in the 2nd and 3rd special fall terms starting in mid-September and mid-October respectively.  Overall, Sinclair is on track to enroll at least 28,000 unduplicated individuals in college credit programs between summer, this current fall, and the end of the school year next spring.

The college is experiencing an all-time high in College Credit Plus students (high school students taking college courses) in a single term with 1,874 enrolled.  A projected record 4,000 high school students will study in Sinclair classes by the end of this new school year. Families in the region will save an estimated $4 million in tuition by participating in College Credit Plus at Sinclair. 

Sinclair is also offering new programs in the critically important health sciences field, for the first time offering an Electroneurodiagnostic degree and additional certificates in the fields of Dental Assisting, Healthcare Navigator, Lifestyle Wellness Coaching, and Respiratory Care of the Newborn. The Electroneurodiagnostic program was created in collaboration with local health care employers to address a key industry shortage for technicians to study brain and nervous system scans.

“This is an exciting time for Sinclair and for the nearly 30,000 unduplicated students who will study this year in Sinclair’s transferable college credit programs,” Sinclair President Steve Johnson said. “We are on the move.  At community request Sinclair has invested in, and has delivered many new programs of study. We continue our work to make sure these programs directly connect with local employer needs. I’m excited for a strong 2016 academic year as we prepare to move into our 130th anniversary.”

While Sinclair’s international student enrollment is by design measured and modest, this fall brings an all-time high of several hundred international students from some two dozen countries across the globe.  Sinclair has carefully managed international enrollment to provide a rich and practical global learning environment for our region’s students.

Sinclair has also experienced steady growth in the job-focused prison education programs, which provide value to taxpayers by dramatically lowering the recidivism rate for participants by 43%, saving taxpayers millions in the process.