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College Credit Plus Program Experiences Record Student Participation

Dayton, OH –Sinclair’s College Credit Plus Program (CCP) - high-school students completing college credits while still in school - has seen record enrollment numbers with more than 6,600 students currently in the program this academic year. CCP is available to students in grades 7-12 who are college-ready, with the goal of helping students and families save time and money towards earning college credentials. This is a critical program that helps the Miami Valley region and the state reach the Ohio Dept of Higher Education's 65% college credential attainment goal

The program has over 135 high school partners across 19 counties in Ohio. Miami Valley families save nearly $6 million a year in future tuition and textbook costs by participating in the CCP program. More importantly, an increasing number of students are completing a college credential. A record number of 40 high school students completed an associate’s degree before graduating from high school during the 2017-2018 academic year, and an increase is expected this spring. 

Here what recent CCP high school graduates have to say about their participation:

“The best part about the College Credit Plus Program is the amount of growth I experienced academically and socially,” said Haley Hawkins, a 2018 Bellbrook High School CCP graduate who completed 38 hours with a 3.9 GPA as a CCP student and is now enrolled full-time at Sinclair. “The biggest difference between being in CCP versus a traditional college student has been the workload. Taking CCP classes allowed me to balance a few high school classes with a few college classes—so it was an easier school/life balance. Now that I am a full-time college student, having a full load means that I spend my extra time studying and working on homework. The good thing, however, is that I already know the expectation for a college class which has made the transition a bit easier.”

“My favorite part about the program is that it was completely free,” said Cameron Goschinski, a 2018 CCP graduate from Greater Ohio Virtual School who earned 40 hours with a 3.4 GPA and is enrolled full-time at Sinclair.  “It is an amazing opportunity to get a head start in college classes and the fact that it was free made it all the better. As a full-time Sinclair student at Sinclair, I am lucky to have had a head start with completing college credentials.”

“One of Sinclair’s key priorities to this region is to partner with our high schools and help students to reach their goals. College Credit Plus is an excellent program that helps to reach these priorities and help students to earn college credits before high school graduation,” said Melissa Tolle, Chief School Partnership Officer. “This is critical because it allows students and families to save time and money towards earning a college credential.”