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Alumni Spotlight

How was Sinclair the Best Road to your Future?
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Shannon BunchShannon Bunch was a College Credit Plus student and graduated from Sinclair in 2019.

What brought you to Sinclair?

Sinclair is the most well-known, high-quality and affordable higher education institution in the region and that’s one main reason why I chose to do my classes at Sinclair. It was also amazing to learn that I could get college credits while still in high school.

How did Sinclair help you through your program?

I had a number of mentors through the many student organizations the college offers. I was also able to make friends and experience college. Networking with others also helped me build a lot of important connections.

Did you get any work-based learning opportunities?

I had the opportunity to complete an internship at Miami University and do research at the Biophysics lab. This was an excellent way to hands-on training and real world experience.

How did Sinclair help you reach your goals?

I will now be transferring a significant number of credits to the University of Dayton and pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I will be able to complete my Bachelor’s degree in just two years. My advice for anyone else looking to come to Sinclair College is to reach out to as many people and network. Sinclair was a wonderful experience!

Zacchaeus MartinZacchaeus Martin was part of the Young Scholars Program and a College Credit Plus student while at Sinclair. He graduated in 2018.

What brought you to Sinclair?

I learned about Sinclair through the Young Scholars Program I was a part of in my high school. They talked about College Credit Plus (CCP) and it sounded like a wonderful opportunity to complete college credits while saving money.

How did Sinclair help you through your program?

I was only 15 years old when I started College Credit Plus. Overall, I had a very positive experience despite my age. My professors challenged me and helped me through my program. I had access to a wealth of resources, specifically the Math and Chemistry labs and free tutoring services. I took advantage of every service that was available to me. I even learned to write better by getting extra help at the Writing Center. Sinclair has an extremely supportive community.

How did Sinclair help you reach your goals?

I was able to take all my CCP credits from Sinclair and transfer that over to Wittenberg University. I was able to cut the duration of my Bachelor’s degree by half because of this and completed my degree at the age of 19. I will now be pursuing my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at UD. Sinclair put me on a track to get as much education in such a short period of time.

Jerry O'RyanJerry O'Ryan is currently the Vice Chair of the Sinclair Foundation Board, is on the Advisory Board for Sinclair's Public Health Program, and taught in Sinclair's Respiratory Care program in the mid-1970's. He graduated from Sinclair's Respiratory Therapy program in 1973.

How would you describe your experience at Sinclair?

I have always felt there was a symbiosis between my Sinclair education and my later professional and business relationships within the Dayton and greater Miami Valley area. For instance, while I was employed at Miami Valley Hospital in the early 1970’s, my employer allowed me flexible hours to accommodate attending my classes in what was then a scattering of Sinclair educational sites throughout downtown Dayton, Stivers High School and Good Samaritan Hospital’s then School of Nursing. So, there you have a very early on example of one Dayton business, a hospital, working in tandem with Sinclair to satisfy the growing need for Associate’s Degree level respiratory therapy graduates. And, as any Dayton Business Journal reader knows, the majority of Sinclair graduates tend to reside and work in the Dayton community. Sinclair educates and Dayton employs are a good pairing of resources.

What career advice would you like to give others?

It is not how well you weathered the storm; rather, it’s did you safely bring in the ships.

Integrity and commitment need to be equally embraced by both employer and employee.

Doug RasorDoug Rasor is currently an Advisor at mPower Technology, Inc., President at Rasor Advisors, Director at Kitu Systems, and an Advisor to Apogee Semiconductor. He graduated from Sinclair in 1974 with an associate degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.

How would you describe your experience at Sinclair?

My degrees from Sinclair and Wright State helped me gain opportunities to work with great companies like Texas Instruments, SimuTech (a local Dayton area company) and eventually start my very own company, Rasor Advisors. Sinclair gave me the practical and hands-on experience to prepare for the workforce. I honestly cannot say enough good things about the foundation I gained from these institutions. Recently, as a way of giving back to Sinclair, my wife and I established the “Doug and Barbara Rasor Culinary Arts Scholarship” fund to provide financial assistance to students already enrolled or planning to enroll at Sinclair’s Culinary Arts program. Sinclair has a wealth of services available to its students, from Academic Counseling, to Financial Aid, Connection to area employers, as well as connections to 4 year colleges should your interests be in that direction. Take advantage of all that’s available!

What career advice would you like to give others?

Embrace Change. Stay Intellectually curious and never stop learning!

Colleen RyanColleen Ryan is a retired Colonel from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the retired President/CEO of Vectren Energy Delivery. She is currently pursing an associate degree in Veterinary Technology at Sinclair and is set to graduate in 2021.

How would you describe your experience at Sinclair?

I started my education in Animal Science, given my passion for animals and my desire to be a veterinarian but during my junior year that changed and I transitioned to pursing an education in Medical Technology. Through Sinclair, I am now able to go back to school and pursue my passion for working with animals.

Sinclair realizes that there is a need and is meeting that need. Sinclair is responsive as an institution and what is amazing about it is its ability to be agile, something you do not see at other institutions.

I am amazed at the depth and breadth of courses that Sinclair offers. I would tell prospective students to look at the amazing programs that Sinclair offers – even through their Lifelong Learning program aimed at retirees in our community.

What career advice would you like to give others?

Get involved in the community and volunteer. Serving on boards of organizations is also another excellent way to gain experience.

Amanda SchroederAmanda Schroeder is currently pursuing her associate degree from Sinclair in Business and Marketing and played for Sinclair’s Women’s Basketball team.

What brought you to Sinclair?

I was not sure about what I was going to do after high school and was told by a lot of people that Sinclair would be a great pathway to figure out what I wanted to do with my career while pursuing my passion for basketball.

How did Sinclair help you through your program

With the support of my coaches, I was able to juggle school and basketball. Last year was really hard, but I still ended up doing extremely well in my classes. I also have a great relationship with all my professors at Sinclair.

What was it like playing for Sinclair's Women’s Basketball team?

Our team is like a family and we have been through a lot of good games and bad games. I absolutely adore my coach and assistant coaches. They care a lot about us as a team and only want the best for us. It has been an incredible experience.

What brought you to Sinclair?

I would definitely not downplay Sinclair because of the stigma associated with community colleges. If you are not sure of what you want to study, Sinclair at the very least helps you get through your general education courses at a significantly low cost. And, the best part is that the education here is just as good as any other college.

Tom SuttmillerTom Suttmiller is the former Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at the Reynolds & Reynolds Company. He earned his associate degree from Sinclair in 1967 in Business and Marketing.

How would you describe your experience at Sinclair?

I believe my Sinclair experience helped me mature both academically and personally. At the time I attended Sinclair, I took part in the collaborative Co-Op program and began by career at Reynolds and Reynolds, which only lasted 39 years. Sinclair is agile in quickly delivering curriculum and programs that mesh perfectly with the needs and requirements of our regional organizations. The potential for great successes for both employers and team members is being maximized by “THE SINCLAIR EXPERIENCE”. Sinclair will provide you with the education and skills you must possess to succeed in life. Sinclair’s affordable tuition greatly lowers your educational expenses

What career advice would you like to give others?

Get to work first be the last to leave. Volunteer for any opportunity. Know everyone in the organization and ask them how they are doing. Engage, Engage, Engage!!