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RAT 2640 Computed Tomography Practicum

A clinical education course that provides hands-on experience performing computed tomography procedures at an affiliate hospital and/or imaging center. Seven practicum hours per week.

Division: Health Sciences
Department: Radiologic Technology
Repeatable Credit: Yes
Offered Online: No

Prereqs: NONE   Approval of Department 


  • Perform patient exams demonstrating humanistic, moral, ethical and efficient patient care techniques.
  • Identify and describe related contrast media in terms of characteristics, uses, and potential adverse reactions.
  • Demonstrate entry-level performance competencies and describe procedure protocols related to head/neck, thorax, abdomen/pelvis, spine, extremities, and special procedures.
  • Operate the computed tomography console and equipment in a effective, efficient and safe manner.
  • Perform effective analysis when evaluating the final image for quality, using problem-solving techniques.

Credit Hours: 1

Practicum Hours: 7