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Sinclair College

MEE 2101 Statics for Engineers

Vectorial treatment of forces and moments. Analysis of trusses and frames. Centroids, friction and moment of inertia. Internal shear and moment for beams. Virtual work. This calculus-based course is designed for Engineering University Transfer students. Two classroom, two lab hours per week.

Division: Science, Mathematics and Engineering
Department: Engineering Technology Design
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: No

Prereqs: MAT 2270 AND PHY 2201 


  • Solve 2-D and 3-D equilibrium problems.
  • Analyze member forces and support reaction for various structural components such as beams, frames and trusses. Understand and evaluate the resultants of concentrated and distributed load systems.
  • Determine the centroid of composite bodies and calculate the moment of inertia of an area. Determine centroid of lines.
  • Analyze the internal shear and moment for beams. Analyze, derive and plot the internal shear and internal moment of a beam as a function of the length of the beam.
  • Solve equilibrium problems involving friction.

Credit Hours: 3

Classroom Hours: 2
Lab Hours: 2