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HUM 1125 Introduction to the Humanities

Explores the nature and content of the humanities by examining and analyzing various cultures from the past. In addition, this course provides an introduction to human thought, creativity and human forms of expression by examining the links between historical realities and human culture.

Division: Liberal Arts, Communication and Social Sciences
Department: Humanities
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: Yes

Prereqs: NONE  


  • Illustrate with examples the relationships between social, cultural, ethical, historical, intellectual, and individual factors in an era by examining artifacts produced in that era, comparing them to modern civilization using a heightened awareness of of the nature and context of the humanities.
  • Use clear, precise, and logical language to define, use, and apply key concepts in the arts and humanities for purposes of cultural and historical analysis.
  • Discuss and analyze cultural artifacts in the context of their civilization and era.

Credit Hours: 3

Classroom Hours: 3