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HIM 1165 Drug Classification for Coding

An overview of the major drug classifications, common drugs in each class, conditions for which drugs are administered and their general effects to assist medical coders in analyzing health care documentation for coding and reimbursement applications.

Division: Health Sciences
Department: Health Information Management
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: Yes

Prereqs: HIM 1101 AND BIO 1107 OR BIO 1121 OR BIO 1141 


  • Identify the most common medications in each major drug classification.
  • Analyze patient healthcare records to determine drugs administered and correlate the presence or absence of documented conditions and/or diseases related to each drug.
  • Associate the most common diseases and conditions for which various drugs are administered.
  • Determine when to query physicians for more complete diagnostic documentation related to drug administration.

Credit Hours: 1

Classroom Hours: 1