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Sinclair College

Exercise, Wellness & Sports Science

ENS 1114 Introduction to Sport & Recreation Management

Historical, sociological and philosophical foundations of sport, including an emphasis on professional opportunities, application of management and organizational concepts.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 1116 Introduction to Exercise Science & Health Promotion

Historical, theoretical, ethical and philosophical foundations of exercise science and health promotion, including an emphasis on role, responsibilities, work settings and future direction of the profession.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 1118 Lifetime Physical Fitness & Wellness

This course provides an overview of the concepts of physical fitness, conditioning principles and appropriate exercise and health practices with application to lifelong fitness and wellness. Course includes lecture and physical fitness testing.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 1212 Business Management for Exercise Science

Students will learn to apply business and budgeting concepts in the world of exercise science. Students will develop an understanding of budgeting, legal and ethical considerations, financing and marketing and how they are applied within the fitness environment.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 1214 Personal & Community Health Behavior

This course enables the student to build a philosophy of health and health behaviors. Basic health principles and theories are applied to both personal and community health issues, including an emphasis on behavioral change and health and wellness education interventions.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 2297 Special Topics

Varied content offering of special interest to the discipline but not covered within existing courses; may be scheduled in a classroom/seminar setting or in nontraditional format.
0.5 - 9 Credit Hours

ENS 2314 Sport Promotions

Sport Promotions introduces a wide range of promotional and marketing strategies within the sport environment. Students will gain an understanding of the history of sport marketing and discover how contemporary efforts attract and increase fan base. Legal issues will also be discussed.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 2316 Motor Development & Motor Learning

Explore motor development and motor skills across the lifespan. Awareness of body systems, their development and cycle of physical growth and maturation. Exploration of principles of motor learning and performance, including examination of elements that facilitate or prohibit the control, achievement and retention of motor skills.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 2317 Methods of Teaching Lab

This course will look at the practical application of teaching. Best practices for training and teaching in the industry will be explored. The student will have hands-on exposure and experience instructing a variety of modalities. Three lab hours per week.
1 Credit Hour

ENS 2318 Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription

Students learn and experience the process of risk stratification, fitness assessment in the five components of fitness and exercise testing for low- to moderate-risk individuals. Integration and analysis of results and norms to design individualized exercise prescription.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 2412 Integration of Physical Education for Elementary Educators

An introduction to the theory and practice of conducting a physical education program, as well as integrating movement education into the teaching of all elementary disciplines. Students will become proficient in methods and skills necessary for effective teaching.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 2414 Foundations of Coaching

Foundations of Coaching will cover many aspects of coaching in today’s sport-rich society. Topics include youth, collegiate and professional sport, coaching models, training, coaching networking and professional growth. Other discussions will cover sport-specific topics.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 2415 Coaching & Leadership

Coaching and Leadership introduces students to the principles of coaching and the qualities necessary to lead a sport organization. Topics focus on discovering an individual coaching and leadership style, contemporary coaching issues, leadership models and an investigation into the great leaders of the past.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 2416 Certification Preparatory Course

This course will help prepare the student for a nationally recognized certification exam. Current national standards issued by the United States Department of Labor will be implemented.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 2417 Methods of Teaching

This course will look at the practical application of teaching. Best practices for training and teaching in the industry will be explored. The student will have hands-on exposure and experience instructing a variety of modalities.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 2418 Exercise Prescription for Special Populations

Integration of risk stratification, fitness assessments, exercise testing, interpretation and exercise prescription skills. Application of knowledge and skills for special populations and medical conditions through case studies and simulations.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 2419 Health Promotion, Fitness & Sport Programming

This course provides organizational techniques, administrative procedures and principles of managing health promotion, fitness and sport programs, including facility design and operational standards and guidelines.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 2420 Concepts of Lifestyle Coaching

This course provides the student with the principles and practices of coaching psychology. Core coaching skills along with approaches and guidelines for helping clients develop visions, set goals, make plans and track progress for healthy lifestyles.
3 Credit Hours

ENS 2471 Exercise, Wellness & Sports Science Practicum

This course is the capstone course. It is an on- or off-campus work experience integrated with academic instructions, coordinated by a faculty member. The course is completed in the last semester of the degree program. Fourteen practicum hours per week.
2 Credit Hours