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ENG 1131 Business Writing

Using audience analysis, a writing process and grammatical and formatting skills in an electronic environment, students write letters and messages for both internal and external business situations; they conduct business research and write and document short, informal research business reports, incorporating graphics and presentation materials.

Division: Liberal Arts, Communication and Social Sciences
Department: English
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: Yes

Prereqs: DEV 0035 OR Placement Test Score 


  • Demonstrate audience awareness across cultures to select and use appropriate formats for business writing, including internal and external messages and informal business reports.
  • Locate, analyze, evaluate, and ethically use researched materials to develop and write informal business reports, presentation materials, and business documents.
  • Plan, edit, and revise written work consistent with professional standards, employing appropriate conventions of syntax, grammar, punctuation, and documentation.
  • Understand and use a recursive writing process to employ situation-appropriate writing strategies and produce successive drafts of increasing quality.
  • Use electronic environments to compose business messages and to research, compose, design, and present informal business reports, integrating graphic aids.

Credit Hours: 3

Classroom Hours: 3