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EGV 1501 Environmental Assessment & Analysis

Sampling and analysis techniques for site characterization and assessment. Sampling methods and protocols are presented in detail with respect to environmental liability, compliance and property transfer. Environmental monitoring is explained with emphasis on air quality, surface water and groundwater. Two classroom, three lab hours per week.

Division: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Department: Engineering Technology Design
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: No

Prereqs: NONE  


  • Locate preferred test methods required to prepare a sampling plan and demonstrate respective air, water and soil sampling techniques.
  • Conduct, document and present a Phase I building and property site assessment.
  • Explain and relate purpose of sampling and monitoring actions to federal, state and local environmental mandates.
  • List the assessment procedures for transfer of a commercial or residential property.
  • Distinguish and explain the ethical issues involved in sampling, monitoring and site assessment.
  • Site appropriate methods used to monitor air emissions, water pollution and soil contamination.
  • List the federal laws governing environmental liability and explain the structure to compliance from state standards and regulations through local ordinances.

Credit Hours: 3

Classroom Hours: 2
Lab Hours: 3