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DEH 2604 Dental Hygiene Practice

Examines current trends in dental hygiene including resume and interviewing strategies, practice setting selection, legal and ethical issues, business of dental hygiene, professional development and organized dental hygiene.

Division: Health Sciences
Department: Dental Health Sciences
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: No

Prereqs: DEH 2509 AND Restricted to Majors 


  • Develop a resume and cover letter for employment as a licensed dental hygienist, and identify your personal assets and liabilities for a job.
  • Explain various interviewing strategies and practice settings; identify your career goals and list suggestions for a successful interview while determining desirable characteristics for a potential job.
  • Analyze various legal and ethical issues of current concern to the dental hygiene profession.
  • Identify current trends as related to the dental hygiene profession and oral health delivery, including dental insurance and dental hygiene services, recall systems, and time management.
  • Develop a plan for continued professional development as a component of life-long learning and attend a professional dental hygiene component meeting.
  • Interpret the Dental Practice Act of Ohio accurately as it relates to the dental profession and successfully navigate through the Ohio State Dental Board’s website for current information regarding laws and rules.
  • Compose, organize and deliver verbal and non-verbal communication in the resume writing and interviewing processes.

Credit Hours: 1

Classroom Hours: 1