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COM 2201 Introduction to Mass Communication

An extensive examination of media theory and social effects. Topics covered include history, practices and functions of the press, television, radio, film, advertising, digital media and public relations. Course investigates mass media's influence on modern society.
3 Credit Hours

COM 2206 Interpersonal Communication

Exploration of the development, maintenance and termination of interpersonal relationships. The focus is on effective verbal and nonverbal interactions between two people, highlighting methods of initiating and maintaining effective communication with, and understanding of, others through learning and applying interpersonal communication theory.
3 Credit Hours

COM 2211 Effective Public Speaking

Designed to improve speaking and listening skills through the study and application of public speaking structure, content and style. This course requires 5 speeches in front of a live audience. The online course sections require the recordings to be created by the student with at least 8 adults present for each speech. Any questions, please contact the Communication Department at
3 Credit Hours

COM 2220 Introduction to Communication Theory

Examination of major foundational theories that inform the field of communication. Special emphasis on communication theories that examine the self and the message, relationship development, groups and organizations, the public and the media, as well as culture and diversity.
3 Credit Hours

COM 2225 Small Group Communication

Focusing on development of effective small group decision-making and leadership skills, stressing better methods of expressing oneself and understanding others through learning group communication, theory and participating in small group decision-making experiences.
3 Credit Hours

COM 2230 Nonverbal Communication

Development of effective nonverbal skills for the successful communicator, stressing better methods of expressing oneself and understanding others through the learning of nonverbal theory and Impression Management.
3 Credit Hours

COM 2235 Principles of Interviewing

Development of theoretical understanding and effective skills in the interviewing process, as both interviewer and interviewee. Practical experience in key types of interviews including informational, employment, appraisal and survey interviews.
3 Credit Hours

COM 2245 Intercultural Communication

Analysis of issues associated with communicating across cultures, including the study of communication norms, communication characteristics of major contemporary cultures and effective cross-cultural communication in interpersonal and organizational contexts.
3 Credit Hours

COM 2270 Communication Internship

Students earn credit toward degree requirements for work learning experience related to the discipline of communication. Students already working may apply to use that experience to meet internship requirements. Students establish learning outcomes related to communication and prepare reports and/or projects each term, detailing how the experience allowed for the application of communication theory and/or skills. Seven work hours per credit hour each week.
1 - 4 Credit Hours

COM 2278 Communication Capstone

Demonstration of communication skills and competencies through the development of a communication portfolio; independent study under the direction of a Communication faculty member. Five directed practice hours per week.
1 Credit Hour

COM 2285 Organizational Communication

Study of the theories of communication in organizations. Analysis of the initiation, diffusion, and reception of messages in organizational environments. Exploration of effective communication strategies for work relationships, management practices, and organizational culture.
3 Credit Hours

COM 2286 Public Relations Principles

Theories, principles and skills of public relations in organizations and in society, integrating organizational communication and management practices.
3 Credit Hours

COM 2287 Effective Listening

Development of effective listening skills. Practical experience in comprehensive, empathic, critical and appreciative listening. Solid foundation in relevant listening theory.
3 Credit Hours

COM 2297 Special Topics

Varied content offering of special interest to the discipline but not covered within existing courses; may be scheduled in a classroom/seminar setting or in nontraditional format.
0.5 - 9 Credit Hours

COM 6297 Non-Credit Communication Special Topics

Non-credit offering of special interest to the discipline but not covered within existing courses.
0 Credit Hours