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BIO 1171 Principles of Biology I

The first course of a two-semester university-parallel sequence for biology and science majors. Topics include scientific method; chemical and biochemical foundations; cell structure, function and reproduction; cellular respiration, photosynthesis, Mendelian genetics, chromosomal genetics, molecular genetics, protein synthesis, gene regulation, genomes, viruses and biotechnology. Three classroom, six lab hours per week.

Division: Science, Mathematics and Engineering
Department: Biology
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: No

Prereqs: DEV 0015 or MAT 0600 AND MAT 0100 


  • Relate Mendelian, chromosomal, and molecular genetics; describe protein synthesis; discuss the regulation of gene expression; discuss the nature of eukaryotic and prokaryotic genomes; explain the structure and reproductive cycles of viruses, and demonstrate the principle techniques of DNA technology.
  • Apply the scientific method, solve problems by collection and analysis of experimental data, write scientific reports, describe inorganic and organic chemicals and reactions, and describe the metabolic pathways of cellular respiration and photosynthesis.
  • Discuss the structure and function of cell components, explain cell communication, describe the cell cycle, and discuss the stages and significance of mitotic and meiotic cell division.

Credit Hours: 5

Classroom Hours: 3
Lab Hours: 6