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AVT 2264 Commercial Pilot Single Engine Additional Rating

Provides students with the necessary skill, knowledge and aeronautical experience necessary to meet the requirements for a commercial pilot airplane certificate with single-engine, land additional class rating. Contact the Department for the current lab fee. Nine lab hours per week.

Division: Science, Mathematics and Engineering
Department: Aviation Technology
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: No

Prereqs: NONE  


  • Demonstrate knowledge of airport operations, airspace boundaries and requirements, and flight information.
  • Comprehend, demonstrate and apply advanced aerodynamics theory during the practice of advanced Commercial pilot flight maneuvers.
  • Apply advanced human factors concepts, including aircraft systems design, advanced navigation equipment and crew resource management techniques.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of weather patterns and weather planning charts.
  • Apply cross country flight planning skills by calculating time, distance and fuel burn.

Credit Hours: 3

Lab Hours: 9