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ALH 1114 Clinical Phlebotomy Practice

Introduction to the phlebotomy clinical setting involving structured observation and participation in the blood collection aspects of patient care under the supervision of a phlebotomist; performing venipunctures and microcollection techniques on adult and pediatric patients. One hour seminar on main campus and 105 hours un-paid practicum per term.

Division: Health Sciences
Department: Allied Health
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: No

Prereqs: ALH 1113 


  • Identify how the role of a phlebotomist varies according to clinical setting.
  • Explain the legal and ethical responsibilities associated with patient care.
  • Observe the management of phlebotomist duties in an assigned, off-campus medical setting.
  • Demonstrate the ability to document appropriately and accurately in both content and vocabulary.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior in dress, language and interactions within a medical setting.

Credit Hours: 2

Classroom Hours: 1
Practicum Hours: 105