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Sinclair College


AGR 1110 Introduction to Large Animal Sciences: Handling & Husbandry

Introduction to Large Animal Sciences will provide the student with knowledge and practical experience of safe handling practices and husbandry management for various farm animal species. Specifically, students will learn about animal contributions to our society, production systems, animal breeding, nutrition, and contemporary agriculture issues today.
3 Credit Hours

AGR 1111 Principles of Large Animal Reproduction

The course will provide students with in-depth information on the physiological mechanisms controlling the reproductive processes in production animals. Students will understand comparative differences in the anatomy, function, and regulation of male and female reproductive systems. Students will also learn key concepts in reproduction as it applies to animal management systems.
3 Credit Hours

AGR 1112 Principles of Large Animal Nutrition

The course will discuss the fundamentals of animal nutrition and feedstuffs dealing with principles of digestion, absorption, assimilation and utilization of nutrients, balancing of rations, and feeding of livestock.
3 Credit Hours

AGR 1160 Introduction to Agriculture Science

This class is an overview of Agriculture Industry. Guest lecture presentations, field trips, career research, and industry personnel interviews provide students with real-world examples of the skills and abilities necessary to compete in the world of Agriculture Science.
1 Credit Hour

AGR 1200 Agricultural Economics

Introductory course on the basic principles of agricultural economics. Principles of supply and demand, resource economics, production optimization, price elasticity, market price determination, competitive versus noncompetitive market models, and agricultural public policy. These principles are applied to agriculture and the role of agriculture in the United States and world economies.
3 Credit Hours

AGR 1300 Agronomy

Crop growth and development, pesticide safety and application, properties of the soil, and conservation practices of Ohio’s row crops are all covered in detail in this engaging curriculum dealing with the form and function of the crops that shape agriculture in Ohio, and the practices that we as agriculturalists take daily to keep them healthy and pertinent in society.
3 Credit Hours

AGR 1400 Agriculture Internship

Agricultural Internship provides an opportunity for students to apply concepts learned in the Agriculture A.A.S. pathway to learning in a professional setting. Twenty-one practicum hours per week.
3 Credit Hours