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Identify Goals

If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” – Andrew Carnegie

“I do know that when I am 60, I should be attempting to achieve different personal goals than those which had priority at age 20.” – Warren Buffett

Identifying Goals ... S-Specific, M-Measurable, A-Attainable, R-Relevant, T-Time-Bound

For the best chance at success in setting and meeting your personal health goals, start by getting a better understanding of your personal health situation. 

  1. Login to the Health Activity Tracker.
  2. Go to My Wellness. Select then complete the Health Risk Assessment. A Recommendations Report will be provided to you from HealthWorks immediately upon completing the assessment. This report is a great tool to help you set your goals. 
  3. Use the tips below to set achievable goals.
    • Don’t try to fix everything all at once.  If, for example, the HRA recommended five areas that you need to work on, start with the one that is easier to accomplish. This can build your confidence to set and meet the next goal.
    • Make your goals matter. Rather than “lose weight”, set the goal to "lose weight so I have more energy to play with my children/grandchildren" or "the stamina to take the stairs from the basement to the third floor in Buildings 1-7 on the Dayton campus."
    • Be specific. Don’t say “lose weight”. Say “lose 10 pounds.”
    • Break down the large goal into smaller steps.
    • Give yourself a deadline.
    • Ask for help. Work with your health care professionals to help you set deadlines and help hold you accountable.
    • Find cheerleaders. Assemble a team of family, friends and colleagues to cheer your progress and boost your efforts.  Rather than walk alone at lunch, bring along a co-worker!
    • Keep going.  Life happens and achieving a goal takes time. Patience and perseverance is key. Keep trying even if at first you fail.
  4. Visit the My Resources link in the Health Activity Tracker to manage your goals.  You can check off what has been completed and view what remains active

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