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Training and Resources

Sinclair's culture of accessibility doesn't solely rely on everyone playing their part. Each of us must learn the core principles of accessibility and obligate to continue acquiring knowledge. The resources on this page were curated to help everyone at Sinclair stay current on what's happening with accessiblity. 

overhead image of learning classroom

General Knowledge/Training 

Want to know more about the formal regulations of accessibility? Check out these links! 

Specific Learning Opportunities 

As mentioned, each of us has a different role to play and thus has different learning needs. These resources are curated by audience. Click on the (+) to expland each section. 

+   Audio & Visual Design Tools 
+  Instructional Design 

BlackBoard Ally: Accessibility Checker and Alternative Formats 

+  Manual/Assistive Technology Testing Tools 

Accessibility Services and Marketing have limited licenses to additional assistive technology tools, including JAWS, and can help check for some accessibility issues.