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Purchasing - VPAT

Accessible Purchasing Responsibility 

Sinclair's culture of accessibility is not just in learning, websites, and electronic means. The college is committed to ensuring accessibility even before our students join us. 

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template® (VPAT)

In accordance with section IIIB of Sinclair's Web Accessibility Policy, vendors must submit a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template® (VPAT) to the Purchasing department before Purchasing will approve software, licenses, or contracts for said goods related to this policy.

Download the latest VPAT® Here & View Sinclair's Purchasing Procedures

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If a vendor is not able to provide an accessible product or services supporting making their goods accessible then another vendor must be found or Sinclair's supporting internal departments must have adequate access from the vendor to be able to provide accessibility support. If it is technologically not possible for the vendor or Sinclair's internal departments to provide accessibility support then justification and an exception must be approved.