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Student Academic Clubs

The list of clubs is subject to change.

American Sign Language Club (ASL) Sponsors social functions in which members can interact with the Deaf community, promotes a better understanding of the Deaf community and culture, provides an environment for continued learning, and increases the general public’s awareness of Deaf culture.

American Sign Language Club Honor Society (ASLHS) Encourages and recognizes high academic achievement in the American Sign Language studies for high school and college/university students.

Art Club Provides cultural and creative experiences to Sinclair students as well as develops business skills, including networking, communication, and team building.

BioTechnology Club Exists to give all students who have an interest in the Biotechnology industry a chance to meet and socialize, discuss current topics, and take tours of biotech related industries.

Cybersecurity Club By pursuing our objectives, we aim to help students interested in the cybersecurity field to gain skills. So we will be prepared to have analyst and basic knowledge of the cybersecurity world. Our cybersecurity club aims to empower its members with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity and become effective contributors in defending against cyber threats. 

Dietetics & Nutrition Club The student club provides a variety of nutrition-related activities, gives each student the opportunity to communicate and work with peers in the Sinclair College environment, develops leadership abilities, and provides continuing and supporting education for all members.

Electroneurodiagnostic Technology Club Provides students the opportunity to enhance their educational and social goals in the field of electroneurodiagnostic technology through peer and community engagement.

Exercise Science Club The mission of the Exercise Science Club is to increase inclusivity, expand interest in the Exercise Science Program, promote fitness, and provide professional and educational opportunities for students.

Psychology Club Provides opportunities to become involved in the field of Psychology, develops leadership skills, and provides opportunities for faculty-student interactions.

Respiratory Care Club Educates on Respiratory Care and cardio-pulmonary diseases.

Sinclair Music Student Association (SMSA) (formerly the Chorale Music Association) Brings together Sinclair students, faculty, staff and community members interested in choral music events.

Sinclair Student Nursing Association Interact with members of the local community and professionals in a variety of career fields to: (1) Mentor nursing students. (2) Provide programs representative of fundamental interests and concerns to nursing students. (3) Increase general understanding and interest in the nursing profession. (4) Increase personal, ethical, and professional growth as future registered nurses. (5) Community Service.

Social Work Club Increase interactions among social work students, faculty and staff at Sinclair College as well as members of the local community in an effort to:  Raise awareness about community issues and needs, increase participation in community events, and provide information on career and college opportunities related to Social Work.

Student American Dental Hygienists Association (SADHA) Promotes a better understanding of the Dental Hygiene profession.