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Resume Formats

Types of Resumes

There are 3 different types of resume styles. Depending on your work and educational history, one style might be better for you. There is no ‘perfect fit’ when it comes to resume formats. 

Combination- This is the most popular style and combines the chronological and functional styles.  It highlights your skills, education and work experience that are most relevant to the job you are applying for, with the most important information at the top. Bullets of duties and accomplishments are listed under each job.

Chronological- In this style, you would simply list your education and your prior work history in reverse chronological order.  Similar to the combination resume, bullets of duties and accomplishments accompany each job.

Functional- This style is best used for people who have gaps in their work history or are changing careers. It can also be used for people who have a lot of work experience in a variety of fields and it would be better to highlight different job functions (skills) as opposed to job titles.

Not sure which style is best for you? Ask one of our staff members for a professional opinion!