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JobLink is Student and Community Engagement's online job board. Each year we post more than 2,000 jobs, including full and part time career related jobs, full and part time non-career related jobs, seasonal and temporary positions, and student employment/ work study jobs (for Sinclair students only).

There are two statuses: member and visitor.


Members have access to view career related jobs, temporary jobs, and student employment jobs at Sinclair, as well as internships. In order to become a member, you must meet certain criteria.

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Are you eligible to be a member?
You must meet one of the following requirements:

  • You are currently enrolled, have completed 50% of your program and plan to graduate within two terms (dependent on class scheduling).
  • You are graduate of a Sinclair degree program.
  • You received a certificate from Sinclair. 

JobLink Orientation

  • In person:
    • 30 minute appointment
    • Eligible candidates can email to schedule
    • Stopping by building 8, room 8025 or calling 937-512-2956.
  • Online: 
    • Watch this presentation for your virtual orientation.
    • Take an online quiz 
    • Note: Once you have answered all 5 questions correctly, a staff member will contact you about the next steps in the registration process?   
    What are the benefits of becoming a member on JobLink?
    • Access to career-specific job listings
    • Consideration for on-campus interviews
    • Having your resume referred to employers
    • Receiving emails about new jobs upon your request

Please note: Your resume must meet minimum standards and be approved by a staff member in order to gain full access to JobLink.