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2024 - 2025 Catalog Year
Captioning (Full-time)

Degree: Short-term Technical Certificate
Division: Liberal Arts, Communication and Social Sciences

This Sample Program Pathway is designed to provide an example of course selections in a term by term sequence. Please see an Academic Advisor for a plan specific to your academic needs.

Fall Semester (First Year)
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Description: Study the culture of the American Deaf community. Issues raised include the relationship between language and culture, the history of deaf education, the Deaf President Now revolution and the collective goals and values of the Deaf community. Gain an understanding of the effects of hearing loss by way of basic audiology, speech pathology and the anatomy of the ear. We will also address access to services for the Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and Deaf-Blind consumers.

Description: This course provides a foundation for non-signers to study American Sign Language (ASL) and learn about deaf culture. It includes principles, methods and techniques for communicating with deaf individuals who sign. Focusing on development of receptive and expressive sign skills, manual alphabet, numbers, sign vocabulary, syntax, grammar and culture.

Prerequisites: DEV 0035

Description: Students will learn the captioning software, abbreviations, and applications in order to effectively caption communication between individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and hearing.

Notes: Fall only

Description: In English Composition I students learn reflective, analytical and argumentative writing strategies, incorporating sources and personal experience. Students will negotiate between public and private rhetorical situations and purposes to achieve academic literacy. They will write multiple drafts using a recursive writing process as they work toward fluency in style and mechanics.

Prerequisites: DEV 0035 or Other (Placement Test Score)


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Spring Semester (First Year)
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Description: An in-depth examination of the multiple facets that constitute effective interpreting. These include communication theory, cognitive processing skills, cultural adjustments, contextual and situational factors, expansion techniques, controlling legislation and ethics and best practices. Various interpreting settings are examined, with special emphasis on educational interpreting, interpreter licensure and the national interpreting evaluation process.

Prerequisites: ASL 1101 and ASL 1112

Description: Continue to study American Sign Language (ASL) grammatical structure, vocabulary, fingerspelling, use of signing space, conversational regulators and introductory aspects of deaf culture.

Prerequisites: ASL 1111 and ENG 1101

Description: This directed practice requirement allows students to complete 75 hours of mentored observation/captioning at off-campus settings under the supervision of a mentor(s).

Notes: Spring only

Description: English Composition II, building on the skills in English Composition I, develops rhetorical literacy through research, critical reading and multigenre writing tasks. Through major and minor, cumulative and stand-alone assignments, students construct arguments and analyses, ethically incorporating academic sources while developing their own voices as writers and citizens.

Prerequisites: ENG 1101


Term hours subtotal:


This information is for planning purposes only. Sinclair College will make every effort to offer curriculum listed above but reserves the right to change, add and cancel curriculum offerings for unforeseen circumstances. View current catalog.