Student Enrichment Programs

Due to Building 10 construction, some Student Enrichment Program offices have moved. See each program page for their location. Learn more about the construction and changes happening here

Student Enrichment Programs connects area people and businesses to the educational programs and resources they need to help their communities grow. We provide early education opportunities for high school students, community outreach programs for special audiences, college preparation resources and high school dropout recovery services. We work to give local communities every opportunity for a better future.

We help local students make more of their education by giving them more services, more support and more opportunities.

  1. More educational impact earlier
  2. More preparation for college
  3. More college credit earned in high school


High school enrichment programming that prepares students educationally, socially, and emotionally for college and career success.


Programs directly aligned with community needs and priorities to ensure that students from all backgrounds get on—and stay on—a path to a promising future.


Programs for Sinclair students focusing on college completion and academic, social, and financial success both during college and after graduation.