Honors Forms

Honors Course Declaration Form – this form is required for any student that wishes to take a class for honors credit.  Both the student and the instructor must sign the completed form BEFORE it is submitted to the Honors Program Office. A form must be submitted for each class the student wishes to take for Honors (Please note: We recommend take no more than two honors classes per semester).  Completed Honors Course Declaration forms must be submitted to the Honors Program Office by the posted due date for the semester.


Honors Contract –   this document outlines the details of the honor project.  This contract is to be completed by the faculty overseeing the honors project and signed by the student. The student and the faculty member should each keep a copy of this contract. A copy of the Honors Contract is due 2 weeks after the Honors Declarations are submitted.

Honors Contract Release Form - this form must be completed if a student wishes to be released from their honors contract. It must be signed by the instructor and submitted to the Honors Program Office.

Honors Scholars Application - This application needs to be completed in order to be considered for the Honors Scholars program. There is no submission deadline for the Honors Scholars Application. This application is NOT needed to take individual Honors courses.