Supported Education Program (SEP)

Contact Information

Building 10, Room 10421
(937) 512-5113
Fax: (937) 512-4521

Persons with psychiatric disabilities may have special needs that are often less visible than those that accompany a physical disability.

Students with psychiatric disabilities often have not taken advantage of available services and have become isolated in their attempts to make it on their own. Frequently, this isolation leads to poor planning, lack of direction, mounting stress and potential academic failure.

Sinclair Community College’s Supported Education Program offers support and guidance to help persons with psychiatric disabilities to move from a state of dependency to interdependency and thereby successfully achieve their academic goals.


  • Advocacy
  • Academic and financial aid petitions
  • Career planning and placement
  • Course selection
  • Collaboration with mental health professionals
  • Academic adjustments
  • Encouragement and support
  • Financial aid
  • Linkage to community services
  • Registration
  • Tutorial services

Community Resources

Click here for a list of resources available in the community.