Student Judicial Affairs
Honor Code
The college has adopted the following Honor Code
to help students, faculty and staff aspire to high
"As a member of the Sinclair College community
of students, faculty and staff, I will uphold the
values of citizenship, social responsibility, and
personal accountability. I will maintain the highest
standards of professional and academic ethics.
I will uphold my personal integrity, dignity, and
self-respect by being fair and honest at all times
and by treating all individuals with respect.
By honoring these ideals, I will be building a better
future for myself, my college, and my local,
regional, and global communities."
Key Concepts of the Honor Code
Citizenship—Participating actively in democracy
through voting and community involvement and
awareness and by protecting our own and other’s

Social responsibility—Acting in ways that
promote the social good while recognizing the
impact of one"s behavior on others maintaining
professional ethics at all times, and providing
service to the college and the community.

Personal accountability—Accepting responsibility
for, and answering for one’s own behavior,
accepting responsibility for one’s own learning,
and demonstrating academic integrity.

Respect of self and others—Valuing the diverse
perspectives of others, appreciating others’ ideas,
and protecting the physical and intellectual
property of self and others.