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Share Sinclair Family & Friends Program

Share Sinclair With YOUR Friends and Family. That's what friends are for. Pay it forward. Kickstart a dream.

Sometimes a big leap in the right direction starts with a little help from a friend who knows the best place to start.

Sinclair students, alumni, faculty, and staff are the best ambassadors (our MVPs) to share everything we have to offer with potential students. You know firsthand all the ways we help students reach their education and career goals.

The Share Sinclair Program invites you to become an MVP and get ready to share your Sinclair story. We'll make sure you have the information, resources, and support to help someone you know connect with Sinclair to start their own journey.

Become a Share Sinclair MVP

To become an MVP, click below:

I want to be a Sinclair MVP!

Once you are registered as a Sinclair MVP, we'll send you a packet of information and extras to help tell your story including:

  • A "Share Sinclair" t-shirt that lets people know you're a great resource for information.
  • A tote bag full of materials and resources that will help you Share Sinclair.
  • A button inviting people to ask you about sinclair.

Find some talking points to tell potential students all the great reasons to attend Sinclair. 

Future Students Who Have Been Referred

If you've been referred to Sinclair, we're glad you're here! Click the link below to let us know a bit about yourself, and we'll follow up to tell you everything you want to know. We can't wait to Share Sinclair with you!

I have been referred to find out more!

Referring Friends & Family

Referring family members or friends is easy! (While we'd love everyone to become an MVP, it's not required.)

I want to refer someone


There are two simple ways to refer:

  • Come back to this page ( any time and click the box above to let us know of someone you would like us to contact.

Share on Social Media:


Share Sinclair Email Signature

Below you will find word documents with instructions on how to add the Share Sinclair Enrollment and MVP icon to the signature line of your email account. The Share Sinclair image in the documents has an embedded link in it so that your email recipients can click on the image and be taken directly to the Share Sinclair webpage. Adding this image to your signature line is great way to show your Share Sinclair and MVP status and quickly refer people (MVPs, students, etc.) to our Sinclair admissions team for support. 

Share Sinclair Printed Materials

Below are links to the downloadable PDFs of the printed materials provided in your MVP package. (CURRENT ITEMS WILL BE POSTED AUGUST 2023)

  • Why Sinclair?
  • Sinclair Viewbook
  • Student Referral QR Code
  • Paying for College Brochure