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Refund Appeal Information for Current Service Members

Prior to submitting this request, check with Veteran Services to see what effect dropping your course(s) will have on your benefits. If the appeal is granted, this could result in the student owing for tuition, books purchased and/or stipend received.

It is important to note that the refund appeal only covers tuition and related lab fees and if granted is only applied to classes that have a ‘W’ grade. It excludes any classes that have a grade other than a ‘W’ or were not officially dropped by the “Last day to withdrawal” listed by the college. Classes that have grades other than a ‘W’ or were not officially dropped within the stated timeframe for current or past terms, must go through the Provost Office and fill out an Academic Petition prior to submitting a refund appeal. The Academic Petition would need to be approved before a refund appeal could be reviewed for consideration. An Academic Petition will not be considered if it is more than two years past the time the term you wish to petition. A refund appeal request must be submitted within 12 months of the date of withdrawal from a particular course or term.

Military Withdrawal requests must provide proof indicating the need to drop and supporting military documentation to be presented to the committee. Recommendations of acceptable military documentation could be:

  1. Military Orders
  2. Commander Letter detailing need of exception
  3. For other withdrawal reasons, like medical or death in the family, please review the refund appeal information for needed supporting documentation.

For students who have clinical and if a drop was necessary, students will be added back into the next available program curriculum offering if appeal approved.