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Tuition Refund Appeal Information

It is the responsibility of our students at Sinclair Community College to be aware of the refund policy as stated:

Withdrawal dates for standard term courses are located at:

In order to review or consider a Tuition Refund Appeal, the Committee requires the following items:

  • Complete all needed fields on the Tuition Refund Appeal Form.
  • Provide a brief written explanation of the circumstances beyond your control (i.e. medical situation, family death, military deployment, etc.) causing your request of refund past the posted refund date.
  • Attach documentation to substantiate your request:
  1. A physician’s statement on their letterhead for medical emergency/situation involving yourself or a medical emergency involving an immediate family member (mother, father, legal guardian, brother, sister, spouse, or child). Date(s) of situation must be provided in letter. If travel out of state was required in the case of a family member, travel itinerary must be provided. If you are required to provide care for an immediate family member, a formal letter from the physician or other official with explanation must be provided. Please do NOT submit medical records.
  2. Copy of obituary or other formal notice in the case of a death of an immediate family member (mother, father, legal guardian, brother, sister, spouse, or child); the notice must show your relationship with deceased. Travel itinerary must also be provided if travel out of state was required.
  3. Copy of your military orders for an unexpected military deployment that caused the withdrawal.
  4. Supporting documentation from an instructor, advisor, ombudsman, or other college official for an error on the college’s part. For system related issues, login or other support from the Help Desk is required.
  5. If you are filing a refund appeal for COVID-19 Virus purposes, please click the COVID-19 Virus Impact reason under the Reason for Refund Request Section on the online form. Several different virus impacts will then appear, please select the one that best describes your impact.
    • For a medical impact, please provide a physician’s letter if possible.
    • For an employment impact, please let us know your place of employment.
    • For a technology impact, please let us know what technology was not available for you so we can evaluate for any potential future needs.

    You must still withdraw from the course(s) with a W for COVID-19 purposes in order to have the refund appeal reviewed. A refund appeal for COVID-19 purposes for Spring 20 Term must be filed by August 31, 2020 to be considered. Filing a refund appeal does not guarantee a refund. A refund of up to 50% will be considered for this purpose.

Students must be withdrawn from the appealed course(s) with a grade of a “W

* The Tuition Refund Appeal will NOT be reviewed or considered and no follow-up completed to the student if any of the above items are incomplete or required support documentation is not submitted with the appeal. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure all requirements are met in order for the tuition refund appeal to be reviewed.*

The Committee will NOT review or consider a Tuition Refund Appeal when:

  • The request is beyond one year of the date of withdrawal from a particular course / term
  • Course(s) were dropped for work related reasons (i.e. job change, promotions, added hours, shift changes, etc.)
  • Failing a course or semester workload
  • Course(s) were dropped for child care purposes
  • Never attending (It is the student’s responsibility to drop the course(s) within the designated refund period if not planning to attend)


  • Approval of your request for an appeal may not relieve you of your financial obligations and may affect your financial aid, veteran’s benefit, or other received funding. Please check with your funding source for the impact dropping a course(s) and a tuition refund approval may have on your funding. An appeal only reviews tuition related charges, not charges related to other items such as books, refund received, etc.
  • Tuition Refund Appeals for Financial Aid recipients will not be reviewed until the end of the term in accordance with Financial Aid adjustment processes. Check with the Financial Aid Office to see how dropping course(s) impacts your aid. The granting of an appeal could result in owing a balance for FA recipients.
  • All decisions made through the Sinclair Community College Tuition Refund Appeal Committee are final. A student has an opportunity to re-appeal if new information or documentation is provided.
  • Partial refunds may be given based on the date of formal withdrawal, presented circumstances, and documentation.


  • The Committee meets only once toward the end of a term and written notification of the decision will be mailed to the address listed on your student account within 14 business days of the committee meeting. An appeal submitted the day of or after the scheduled committee meeting will not be reviewed until the next committee meeting. An address change will need to fall in accordance with Sinclair’s policy and completed through the Registration Office.
  • A refund appeal has no impact on the W grade.  A “W” will remain on your record and appear on transcripts.  If you are requesting a grade change, you must file an Academic Petition with the Vice President and Provost Office; call 937-512-2522 with questions.

Return completed Tuition Refund Appeal Form, along with required documentation to:

         Sinclair Community College                            

          Bursar Office
         444 West Third Street
         Dayton, OH 45402

        Forms may also be faxed to 937-512-5010 or submitted online.

Call 937-512-2606 with questions.