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Sinclair College

General Themes

General Themes – Focus Groups
Deans and Cabinet Members – October 2, 2019
Faculty and Staff – October 16, 2019


  • Determine how international education fits into the college’s other strategic priorities
  • Leverage International Education in a more strategic way
  • Make campus more aware of the International Education office
  • Connect to international organizations in Dayton

International Students

  • Provide more services to international students focusing on:
    • Quality of life
    • Academic support
    • Integration with American students
  • Include immigrants, not just F-1 student
  • Reach out to particular groups – i.e., Saudi Arabian students

Internationalizing the Curriculum

  • Students need global perspectives, and need to understand global processes, systems and the global marketplace
  • Need a curriculum that produces international content for all students
  • Make internationalizing the curriculum mandatory; require each division to internationalize courses; support course coordinators and include instructional design staff in the process
  • Disconnect Diversity and Global Citizenship – two different thing

Study Abroad

  • Every Sinclair student should have some “international” experience
  • Develop COIL courses - COIL initiatives provide a chance for Sinclair students to interact and collaborate with students from around the world
  • Offer more programs to reflect the interests of students and where they want to study abroad
  • Increase diversity of non-white students in study abroad


  • Partner with sister colleges from every continent
  • Explore exchange programs with other colleges for students
  • Establish exchange for faculty

Faculty and Staff

  • Provide support for faculty to do Fulbright and study abroad
  • Provide for growth and personal development for faculty and staff through international experiences