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Sinclair College

Focus Group

On October 2, 2019 and October 16, 2019, Scott Markland, Senior Vice President for Student Development and Deborah Gavlik, Director, International Education, conducted two focus group sessions with senior administrative and academic leaders, faculty and staff.  The purpose of these sessions was to:

  • To hear thoughts and perspectives about international education in general;
  • To review the results of the 2012 International Strategic Plan; and
  • To obtain ideas about the future of international education at Sinclair

Participants included:

  • Christina Amato, Dean, ELearning Division
  • Jeff Boudouris, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Jennifer Kostic, Associate Provost
  • Lisa Mahle-Grisez, Dean, Liberal Arts, Communication and Social Sciences
  • Jeff Miller, Vice President for Administration
  • Madeline Iseli, Senior Vice President for Regional Centers
  • Rena Shuchat, Dean, Health Sciences
  • Emmanuel Banda, Academic Advisor
  • Rocky Belcher, Professor/Department Chair, Management
  • Kara Burnett, Associate Professor, Communication
  • Wendy Cheng, Associate Professor, Mathematics


  • Faheem Curtis-Khidr, Assistant Professor, History
  • Ribhi Daoud, Professor, Economics
  • Sharon Hawkins, Professor, Nursing
  • Furaha Henry-Jones, Professor, English
  • DeAnn Hurtado, Professor, Management
  • Glen Lobo, Professor, Mathematics
  • Lalitha Locker – Chairperson/Professor, Physics
  • Maria Metcalf, International Recruitment Specialist, International Education
  • Kinga Oliver, Professor, Mathematics
  • Derek Petrey, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Charles Richardson, Associate Professor, Marketing Instruction
  • Kathy Rowell, Professor, Sociology

General themes that emerged from these meetings can be found here.