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Sinclair College

Mental Health & Wellness

This is a stressful time. Sinclair provides support and counseling resources for employees and students.


Sinclair’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider, Employee Care, offers counseling services to all full-time employees and to their household members. Counseling services offered include help with grief, interpersonal relationships, alcohol/drug abuse, work stress, etc., and may take place over the telephone or in person. 24-hour crisis counseling is available. Sinclair provides these services as a free, confidential, and unlimited benefit to full-time employees. To reach Employee Care, please call 937-208-6626 or 800-628-9343.

If you are a part-time employee and are seeking information on counseling services, contact Human Resources for assistance to connect you with a community resource at 937-512-2514,


Sinclair’s Counseling Services offers students free 24/7 availability for confidential counseling to address and work on academic and personal concerns.

Counseling appointments are being offered in person and remotely via phone or Zoom (App). Please call 937-512-3032 or visit the Counseling Services website if you need assistance or to schedule an appointment.

Last updated January 21, 2022.